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2018 Aquatic Therapy Education:

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2018 Spring National Aquatic Therapy Conferences

February 28-March 3 in Washington, DC

April 12-15 in Chicago, IL

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2018 Spring Professional Development Days

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March 10-11 in Morgantown, WV

March 17-18 in Boston, MA

April 28-29 in Omaha, NE

2018 International Aquatic Therapy Symposium

June 19-22 in Sanibel, FL

2018 Fall National Aquatic Therapy Conferences

September 13-16 in San Diego, CA

November 8-11 in Chicago, IL

2018 Fall Professional Development Days

September 29-30 in Edmond, OK

October 6-7 in Allentown, PA

October 13-14 in Seattle, WA

October 20-21 in Dallas, TX

(Schedules Subject to Change)



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Welcome to ATRI!

We're glad you dropped in. If you are interested in aquatic therapy, this is the place for you!

The Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, Inc. (ATRI) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the professional development of healthcare professionals involved with aquatic therapy. ATRI offers continuing education courses at conferences that will advance the knowledge and skills of the aquatic therapist.

Aqua therapy and rehabilitation research shows benefits for many populations. If you have water available to you in the form of a pool, spa or open water (lake, river, ocean), you can rehab yourself and others. 

Rehabilitation in water can take place in a warm or cool pool. Therapy and rehab have documented results in pools (or water) from 80 to 98 degrees. Research regarding exercise in the pool is extensive. The teaching and education for aquatic therapy and rehabilitation happens in schools, conferences and online. The most extensive aquatic therapy education is offered by the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute.

Who Should Attend ATRI Conferences?
Whatever your profession, aquatics is the common bond...from speakers to attendees, you'll encounter a wide variety of healthcare professionals with disciplines to enhance your learning experience...PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs, TRs, ATs, KTs, MDs, DOs, PhDs, ExPhys, RNs, LMTs, Physical Educators, Assistants, Aides, Aquatic Fitness Professionals. Learn how your practice fits in the multidisciplinary scheme of services.



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