April 12-15, 2018 National Aquatic Therapy Conference

Chicago, IL - Westin O'Hare (Rosemount, IL) www.westinohare.com 

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Westin O'Hare

ATRI Hotel Room Rate - $159 (plus tax), includes complimentary parking

Why Stay at ATRI Host Hotels?
Staying at ATRI host hotels offers great networking opportunities to meet your colleagues and make new friends. When you book your overnight room in the Aquatic Therapy block of rooms, we are able to guarantee a certain number of overnight rooms at the hotel and that reduces the overall costs associated with producing the conference. These savings allow ATRI to offer competitive registration fees and the services that are included with those fees, such as hands-on pool education. And you can’t beat the convenience to run between your overnight room, the pool and lecture room when staying at the host hotel.

National Aquatic Therapy Conference Tuition/Fees

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What's the Difference Between Specialty Certificate Programs and the ATRI Certification?

Specialty Certificate Programs are 2-day, 15-hour programs for which you receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The certificate will be in an area of emphasis such as Geriatrics, Orthopedics, etc. The certificate is bestowed because of the educational hours you put into the course. You will also receive our CEC/CEU Record Sheet which is your official Certificate of Attendance for all courses taken at these events.


The ATRI Certification is a 3-hour comprehensive exam that will test your ability to meet the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry Standards to practice. The exam is optional. You may take the exam at any of our National Conferences or online anytime. Click Here for Complete Details on the ATRI Certification Exam. 

Click on Course Names Below for Full Descriptions:

Please Note: Pool Workshops split time between classroom and pool. Land Workshops are in the classroom only and include land and water application. Lectures are in the classroom.

Course Levels:

1000 = Entry Level, 2000 = Intermediate, 3000 = Advanced

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Full-Day Courses (7:30 am-5:00 pm) - 8 credit hours

1200 - Intro. to Aquatic Therapy and Rehab - Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC [Pool Workshop]

3504 - TBIs and Other Brain-Related Issues - Dr. Ricardo Senno, MD, MS, FAAPMR / Marty Biondi, PT, DPT, CSCS [Pool Workshop]

Thursday-Friday, April 12-13: 2-Day Track - 15 credit hours

NEW! 2311 - Assess, Correct, and Enhance (ACE) Function for Orthopedics Specialty Certificate Program - Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS, ATRIC [Pool Workshop]

Thursday, April 12: 7:30 am-5:00 pm

Friday, April 13: 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Full-Day Course (8:00 am-5:00 pm) - 8.0 credit hours

3203 - Functional Improvements for Older Adults - Marty Biondi, PT, DPT, CSCS [Pool Workshop]

Friday Morning Courses (7:30-11:00 am)

NEW! 1624 - Cranial Sacral Release - Donna Lewen, BA, AEA, ATRIC [Land Workshop] (8:00-11:00 am) - 3.0 credit hours

NEW! 2238 - Circuit Training for Function - Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC [Pool Workshop] (7:30-11:00 am) - 3.5 credit hours

Friday Afternoon Courses (1:00-3:00 pm)

NEW! 1307 - Abs, Posture, and Balance - Anne Pringle Burnell, AS [Pool Workshop] - 2.0 credit hours

1501 - Functional CVA Options - Adam Wilson, CTRS, CBIS [Pool Workshop] - 2.0 credit hours

Friday Afternoon Courses (3:15-5:15 pm)

NEW! 1628 - Keltic Hands - Jim Kelsey, KT, ATRIC [Pool Workshop] - 2.0 credit hours

2615 - Suspension for Balance and Core - Anne Pringle Burnell, AS [Pool Workshop] - 2.0 credit hours

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Morning Courses

NEW! 1316 - Gluteal Amnesia Correction - Donna Lewen, BA, AEA, ATRIC [Pool Workshop] (7:45-11:00 am) - 3.0 credit hours

1509 - Improving SCI High Quad Function - Adam Wilson, CTRS, CBIS [Pool Workshop] (7:45-11:00 am) - 3.0 credit hours

2810 - Marketing Aquatic Therapy - Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS, ATRIC [Lecture] (8:00-11:00 am) - 3.0 credit hours

Saturday Luncheon and Keynote by Ruth Sova (11:30 am - 1:15 pm) This Event is included in Registration Fee - Please Join Us!

Saturday Afternoon Courses (1:30-4:30 pm)

NEW! 1630 - Ai Chi Seated - Donna Lewen, BA, AEA, ATRIC [Land Workshop] - 3.0 credit hours

NEW! 2317 - Facilitate Ideal Movement - Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS, ATRIC [Pool Workshop] - 3.0 credit hours

NEW! 2331 - LE and Trunk using Barre Concepts - Anne Pringle Burnell, AS [Pool Workshop] - 3.0 credit hours

Saturday Afternoon Course (4:30-5:30 pm)

1809 - ATRI Certification QuickPrep - Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC [Lecture] - 1.0 credit hour

Sunday, April 15, 2018

ATRI Certification Exam (separate fee, click at left for complete information)

Starting time: 8:00 am

ATRI Conference Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be sent in writing. Your registration fee may be transferred to another ATRI conference or you may transfer your registration to another person. A $50 fee paid by credit card is required for all transfers. Transfers are one-time and must be used within one year of the date of the conference from which you are transferring. If you are cancelling completely, you must cancel 30 days prior to the conference. Your registration fee, minus a $75 processing fee, will be refunded after the conference. There are no refunds for no-shows or for those not meeting the 30-day deadline.

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