2336 – AquaLogix: Strengthen and Stretch Musculoskeletal Injuries with Ortho and Neuro Cross Training

Intermediate / Pool Only


Sanibel, FL / Friday, June 22, 2018 – 7:00-8:00 am – 1.0 credit hour

(Pool: 7:00-8:00 am)


Faculty: Mary Wykle, PhD, ATRIC



After providing training at Walter Reed for the physical therapists working with wounded warriors in the therapy pool, I was contracted through the office of the Army Surgeon General in 2010. They requested development and analysis of performance improvement study for aquatic rehabilitation in the medical treatment facilities and the wounded warrior units. The initial program goals were to provide a regular workout of sufficient intensity and duration to improve fitness, provide an aquatic cross-training option to accelerate healing, improve the general health and return to active duty without detrimental outcomes, and a viable option for use of aquatic therapy for those who are non-swimmers or did not desire to swim. 


The focus was on musculoskeletal Injuries. The areas looked at included lower extremity, upper extremity, and back pain/injuries. Valid and reliable instruments were used, plus record of pain, anxiety, and depression scales. Since most of the wounded warriors had lower extremity and/or lower back issues, the following exercise program was developed. It included core strength and balance, deep water interval cadence training, upper and lower extremity strength using drag equipment, agility, flexibility, and stretching. From this, it is apparent that we did not have a one-dimensional program. The success led to adoption of the basic program for the Marine Corps. It became a required training option for all Marines, not just the wounded. This required increasing the intensity of the basic program. The result is a program that is available and adjustable for all military members. The primary equipment used was AquaLogix. This program is now primary for any injured patient or athlete needing to regain strength, re-set neuro programming, and overall physical condition.

AquaLogix omni-directional drag equipment continues as the primary equipment used in aquatic rehab for musculoskeletal injuries, brain traumas, and any population needing to increase muscular and core strength.



1)  Explain the relationship of AquaLogix equipment to the concepts of strength and conditioning.

2)  Understand Omni-resistance is movement.

3)  Practice AquaLogix exercises.

4)  Select exercises using AquaLogix equipment for various levels of fitness participants.

5)  Develop a safe and effective workout using AquaLogix equipment.

6)  Discuss development of an appropriate and safe workout using AquaLogix equipment.

7)  Identify precautions and techniques to reduce the risk of injury.


FACULTY: Mary Wykle, PhD, ATRIC, presents for ATRI and AEA. Course development includes aquatic re-conditioning programs for the Army and USMC. Additional programs include Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi™, Core Stabilization and Safety Training. Aquatic recognitions include: AEA Global Award for Lifetime Achievement (2010); ISHOF Adapted Aquatics Award (2007); ATRI Aquatic Professional of the Year (2006); ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award (2004) and ATRI Dolphin Award (2002).