1313 – GaitWay to Mobility

Beginner / Pool Workshop


Sanibel, FL / Wednesday, June 26, 2019 – 1:00-5:00 pm - 4.0 credit hours

(Classroom: 1:00-3:00 pm / Pool: 3:00-5:00 pm)


Faculty: Melinda Pierce, PT, MS, CEEAA, ATRIC – Ai Chi Boosters

Barb Batson, Aquatic Specialist


COURSE DESCRIPTION: GaitWay to Mobility includes a review and analysis of current literature supporting the therapeutic value of water walking, assessment tools that support the use water walking as a therapeutic intervention, the use of goal-oriented gait and specific therapeutic gait techniques. Assessment techniques will be demonstrated during lecture. Therapeutic and wellness gait techniques will be practiced in the pool. Exploration of equipment options for progression will be an important part of both lecture and pool practical. Anyone whose land mobility would improve by balance, coordination and endurance activities can benefit from this fun and engaging aquatic program.



1)  Identify the benefit of pool walking as it relates to land-based walking.

2)  Describe the benefits of water walking based on current literature.

3)  Apply the results of standardized assessment tools to design water walking interventions.

4)  Adapt interventions appropriately as outcomes improve.

5)  Explore equipment options for progression and variety.

6)  Identify how and when to introduce “drag” to the program.

7)  Experience designing a GaitWay to Mobility program.

8)  Determine how to develop partnerships between licensed therapy professionals and the fitness team to bridge rehab to wellness stages of recovery.


FACULTY:  Melinda Pierce, PT, MS, CEEAA, ATRIC, has been a physical therapist for over 40 years in hospital, outpatient, and geriatric settings with a primary focus on orthopedic and aging populations, and leading a rehabilitation team for a CCRC group. She has given numerous presentations to students, therapists, athletic trainers, patients, and the general public on musculoskeletal, aging, and aquatic topics. She holds an advanced master’s degree in musculoskeletal physical therapy, and certifications from ATRI and as an Exercise Expert for Aging Adults through the APTA Academy for Geriatric Physical Therapy. She is a reviewer for the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy. She shares her passion for Ai Chi through classes and an Ai Chi blog (www.aichiplus.com).


Barb Batson, AS, AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor certified since 1995 provides personal training and group classes for both general and special populations. Barb served as program trainer for both NMSS and the Arthritis Foundation, as AEA CEC provider, two-term past AEA Advisory Board Council member, and on the Mayor’s Healthy Nashville 2010 Program and the Community Health and Wellness Team. She currently provides services at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is Fitness Host Coordinator for Fun & Fitness Travel Club and ATRI On-Site Continuing Education Liaison.