1610 – Ai Chi in 3

Beginner / Pool Workshop


San Diego, CA / Friday, September 6, 2019 – 1:00-3:00 pm – 2.0 credit hours

(Pool: 1:00-2:00 pm / Classroom: 2:00-3:00 pm)


Faculty: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC



New Age Music (3/4 music) adds something special to 3-dimensional work in water, and because of the use of Ai Chi exercises in shallow water (all planes and axes), the combination gives a new influence that changes a lot. The biggest thing is that it does not change the tempo of the music (we will work on 128 bpm), but the three counts gives you the opportunity to work in an even bigger ROM then the original tempo. Speed or acceleration is therefore lowered and bring a new attractive way of doing the original Ai Chi. In Europe, we have lots of colder water pools. Our body and mind workouts know a more up tempo way of execution, so we had to find our way in it. As soon as I started doing Ai Chi with 3/4 music (with the same bpm!), participants started to feel the bigger ROM, without losing the feeling of lower tempo or speed. The influence it had was amazing! The combination of Ai Chi with the music adds a certain energy that can be shared with all.



1)    Follow the basic Ai Chi progression with 3/4 music.

2)    Explore the concepts of flow time, uptime, float time and downtime.

3)    Experience the trunk stability movements with guidelines on proper pelvic mechanics. 

4)    Follow an exercise progression for an average, apparently healthy adult which can be modified for special situations.


FACULTY: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC, has 20-plus years of experience in aquatics and has been a presenter worldwide since 2005. She studied physical education and holds a degree in Special Movement Education with an emphasis in Motoric Remedial Teaching and a focus on pediatrics. She has developed three e-learning programs on aquatic fitness (AquaMagicMoves) and is CEO of two educational institutes for aquatics: Kataqua for aquatic fitness and ProOZo for swimming. She is the organizer of the annual European Aquatic Fitness Conference (EAFC).