1613 – Ai Chi Pearls

Beginner / 4-hour Pool Workshop


Sanibel, FL / Tuesday, June 25, 2019 – 8:00 am-12:00 pm – 4.0 credit hours

(Classroom: 8:00-10:00 am / Pool: 10:00 am-12:00 pm)


Faculty: Mimi Rodriguez Adami, BA, BS / Barb Batson, Aquatic Specialist / Patty Henry-Schneider, MS, LPC / Maria Pritz, EdD


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Ai Chi enhances body, mind, spirt as personal and water flow energy become one, resulting in well-being on many levels. Even greater benefits can be gained by girding the foundation of Ai Chi practice with mindful movement on purpose, as will be explored in this session. Collaging and integration will be defined, demonstrated and practiced. Precepts (pearls of wisdom) discovered by Ai Chi participants and practitioners will be discussed, and during the experiential, expanded. Pool time will include a lively class demo merging AI Chi and cardio, the intervals enabling Ai Chi relaxation welfares even when available pool does not offer therapeutic temperature range. Interactivity during both lecture and pool time assures all participants will come away with ideas (pearls) to enhance their personal Ai Chi practice immediately and techniques to expand their treatment tool box whether they are new to Ai Chi or veterans. 



1)  Recognize the domains of integration that reflect harmony within the mind and learn how to promote these during the Ai Chi progression.

2)  Increase skill in how to apply Ai Chi exercises for muscular tension releases and its sequencing/ progression into practice.

3)  Benefit from testimonials shared by those with wellness for life Ai Chi practice. 

4)  Receive posture and breath options for merging Ai Chi and cardio. 


FACULTY: Mimi Rodriguez Adami, BA, BS, an American born European, Mimi has been living in Italy for 42 years. She is the director of Italy’s first EU accredited training provider for fitness professionals. With a degree in Exercise Science from Rome’s TorVergata University, she developed the AquaZumba exercise program, coordinated the EU’s eLF (eLearning Fitness) Project and wrote Aqua Fitness, published by Dorling Kindersley, Ltd. She also specializes in Pelvic Floor Fitness and represents the Low Pressure Fitness method in Italy where she is the lead trainer and collaborates with the medical community for the prevention and rehabilitation of pelvic floor dysfunction.


Barb Batson, AS, AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor certified since 1995 provides personal training and group classes for both general and special populations. Barb served as program trainer for both NMSS and the Arthritis Foundation, as AEA CEC provider, two-term past AEA Advisory Board Council member, and on the Mayor’s Healthy Nashville 2010 Program and the Community Health and Wellness Team. She currently provides services at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is Fitness Host Coordinator for Fun & Fitness Travel Club and ATRI On-Site Continuing Education Liaison.  


Patty Henry-Schneider MS, LPC, is a psychotherapist certified in EMDR and a certified Ai Chi instructor. She has encouraged movement toward wellness by including body, mind, and spirit in the journey toward mental health. Creating a bridge between providers of aquatic therapy and providers of mental health services has become her passion.


Maria Pritz EdD, is an exercise physiologist with 28 years of experience in developing and implementing health, fitness and wellness programs for corporations, health clubs, and schools. She earned her doctorate in education (specialty in Physical Education and Sports) from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her unique training method involves integration of multidisciplinary techniques to achieve overall health and optimized performance. She is a member of Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) Research Council, author of health fitness articles, and presenter for national and international conferences. She has researched and developed an aquatic fitness exercise program targeting pain management (e.g. fibromyalgia, posttraumatic stress release, neuromuscular conditioning, and reconditioning of athletes).