1021 Š Amputee Options and Outcomes

Beginner / 2-hour Lecture


Faculty: Mary Essert, BA, ATRIC



No patient comes with just one issue. Come to this course to review therapy goals and objectives when amputation, pain management and/or cancer are all involved in the patient history. Identify effects on functional mobility and daily activities. Discuss the best exercises to deal with changes in the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, strength, postural stability, and psychosocial function due to amputation of patientÕs dominant arm. This course is not just theory Š weÕll review exercise options and their outcomes.



1) Assess the implications of loss of patientÕs dominant arm.

2) Examine the physical pain management issues from surgery and cancer.

3) Consider the mental and emotional pain from being physically altered and quality of life.

4) Describe several options and progressions for therapy goals and objectives.


FACULTY: Mary Essert, BA, ATRIC, has been active in the aquatic field for a half century. As an AEA instructor and Arthritis Foundation Instructor/Trainer, she teaches locally. She shares her expertise and personal experience with arthritis, fibromyalgia, as well as breast cancer, lung cancer, sarcoma, and recent right arm amputation. Her honors include Lifetime Achievement by AEA and the ATRI Aquatic Professional of the year for 2002.