1214 Aging Well

Beginner / 4-hour Pool Workshop


Faculty:  Steph Toogood, AS



Investigate the factors that affect age-related loss of function resulting in frailty. Maintaining independence means addressing a multitude of factors. Review the diverse physiological components and learn to design an exercise prescription that includes training variables. Pool lab includes exercises for balance and fall prevention, gait, and simple exercises to imitate sit-to-stand. Experience multi tri-planar movement that translates to more functional ADLs.



1)  Identify the factors that affect age-related loss of function.

2)  Match movement with physiological weaknesses for improvement in ADLs.

3)  Design multi-dimensional exercise to increase stride length and add power to gait.

4)  Experience the skill practices required for ME/CV/flexibility and balance gains.


FACULTY: Steph Toogood, AS, is the UK AEA training specialist, international educator and presenter of water fitness. She was a Fab After 50 Health Achiever nominee for Fitness Professionals Fitness Leader of the Year Award, named as one of the Top 10 Fitness Instructors in the UK by the Independent on Sunday, and has received the AEA Global Award for Educational Excellence.