1222 – Autism Spectrum Disorders

Beginner / 1-hour Lecture


Faculty: Sue Grosse, MS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Develop a repertoire of therapeutic techniques appropriate for children and adults with autism spectrum conditions. Explore behavioral manifestations while learning how to focus attention, engage social contact, and facilitate environmental interaction. Water is an extremely beneficial environment for an individual with an autism spectrum disorder. This workshop will provide safe and creative ways to maximize the potential of this environment.



·    Examine the six behavior manifestations of autism spectrum disorders.

·    Develop skill in recognizing autism spectrum behaviors.

·    Participate in over a dozen different activities designed to reduce autism spectrum behaviors in the aquatic environment.

·    Engage in activities designed to focus attention, increase social interaction, and improve environmental interaction.

·    Obtain additional resources on autism spectrum disorders.


FACULTY: Susan J. Grosse, MS, president of Aquatic Consulting & Education Resource Services, has over 40 years experience in aquatic education, specializing in aquatics for individuals with disabilities, lifeguarding, water safety, and swim instruction. An author and international speaker, her books Water Learning and Lifeguard Training Activities and Games are published by Human Kinetics. She received the ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award in 2006 and the International Swimming Hall of Fame John K. Williams Award in 2009.