1300 – Balance and Gait Training I

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Sue Grosse, MS



Balance and gait training can be repetitious, and easily become tedious. Learn a variety of balance and gait training improvement activities for implementation in a group or with individuals, during exercise or therapy. Develop strategies for transfer of learning.  Establish progressions for applying skills learned in the aquatic environment to land activities of daily living. Whether you work with seniors, adults, teens, or tots you can add fun to functional. Everyone needs to maintain balance as they age. Gait training applies to original motor development, as well as rehabilitation. Package balance and gait training into all your activities with creative ideas from this workshop.



1) Investigate applications of balance and gait training for at least four age groups.

2) Compare and contrast applications of balance and gait graining for motor development vs. rehabilitation vs. habilitation.

3) Learn at least a dozen different balance and gait activities using poly spots.

4) Develop strategies for implementation of balance and gait activities during aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy for individuals as well as groups.

5) Outline a progression for transfer of balance and gait training skills from water to land activities of daily living.


FACULTY:  Susan J. Grosse, MS, currently president of Aquatic Consulting & Education Resources, has over 40 years experience in aquatics as a teacher, as well as in a variety of leadership roles at the local, national, and international levels. She is past president of the American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness and past chair of the Aquatic Council of AAHPERD. Her publications include work in adapted aquatics, lifeguarding, instructional swim, water exercise, posttraumatic stress disorder, crisis management, contagion, and program administration. She has been a speaker throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Ireland, and Egypt. She received the ATRI Tsumani Spirit Award in 2006.