1303 – Gait Retraining

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Connie Jasinskas, MSc



The goal of gait correction is to maximize mobility as efficiently as possible while minimizing pain or additional damage. This course will include a review of normal gait, common gait deviations and treatment techniques to minimize or correct abnormalities. Water is excellent medium for gait retraining because of “unweighting” in water, slower movements, decreased risk of falls or injury, allowing more repetitions for practice.



1) Review major components of “normal” gait providing basis for assessment of patient/client ambulation.

2) Become proficient in identifying gait deviations.

3)  Explore treatment techniques to address gait deviations in aquatic setting.


FACULTY: Connie Jasinskas, MSc, is an international educator through her company, For the Love of Fit. She is the author of numerous educational resources and is currently providing aquatic rehab for Canadian Back Institute Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Cambridge, Ontario.