1304 – Land Functioning Outcomes with Pool Interventions

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Maryanne Haggerty, MS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This session will highlight how aquatic equipment can be used to directly transition a person from pool to land based muscular endurance and strength. Controversy on the issue of the aquatic environment using predominantly concentric contractions and not preparing people for gravity-based strength will be addressed. Using equipment that allows for force couples, concentric and eccentric contractions in the water, plus the additional properties of the water will produce a better than smooth transition. This course will assist you in making choices for designing aquatic exercises with equipment that makes the transition to land based exercise easier because of the benefits and additional exercise inherent to the properties of the water. Aquatic techniques will include mobility, stability, and strengthening exercises to achieve synergistic muscle balance and preparation for muscle conditioning needed for transitioning to land functioning.



1)  Gain proficiency in stabilization exercises of the trunk while activating low tone muscles for joint stabilization.

2)  Utilize equipment for different phases of rehabilitation from therapeutic needs to the transitioning conditioning phases.

3)  Evaluate and identify equipment that allows for force couples, concentric and eccentric contractions in the water.

4)  Compare the types of equipment that allow for forced couples to help transition a person to the land directly.

5)  Identify benefits to using equipment in the pool and the need for guided instruction for safe and effective use.


FACULTY: Maryanne Haggerty, MS, has been promoting safe and effective therapeutic exercise with an integrated total body approach to individuals, groups, and professionals for 30 years. As a faculty member and presenter for TSI, NASM, AEA, and AFAA, she has certified professionals. Promoting exercise for all abilities, Maryanne has presented televised exercise segments on aquatics. She has developed several post-rehab options for continued safety in conditioning and strengthening. As the program developer of the Aquavee pool pilates plus small group and post-rehab conditioning options, she has incorporated a total body approach to integrating balanced movement patterns in the reconditioning of trunk and joint stability.