1305 – Manual Options for the Hand and Wrist

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC



Learn where pain may refer from for common hand and wrist pain diagnoses. Review general myofascial release techniques, including skin rolling, oscillation and AquaStretch™ techniques to form an integrated approach. Dorsal and radial pain, thumb and wrist pain and epicondylar pain techniques will be explored.  Treating carpal-tunnel symptoms will also be explored.



1)  Review AquaStretch™ and integrated manual techniques.

2)  Examine trigger points and myofascial techniques for pain in the forearm, elbow hand, and fingers.

3)  Determine what causes trigger points to occur and reoccur.

4)  Identify considerations when evaluating a patient prior to treatment.


FACULTY: Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC, owns and operates Liquid Assets for Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. She works with geriatrics, pediatrics and clients with health challenges. Donna is an AquaStretch™ Facilitator and ATRI AquaStretch™ Trainer, and the recipient of the 2012 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award. She is a co-author of the Aquatic Solutions for Chronic Conditions Manual, and is a consultant at the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Facility for Persons with Disabilities. Donna also continues her studies at the Center of Applied Energy Medicine in a Medical Intuitive Training program.