1318 – Inflammation and Aquatics

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Educate yourself on how the inflammatory response and the cycle of chronic disease work together. Learn to provide a therapeutic program to decrease inflammation, and provide your patients with ways to reprogram their response to stress. Learn the art of myofascial stretching through quick, simple ways to alleviate chronic pain symptoms.



1)  Examine the cycle of chronic disease, along with the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing (neurobiological effects) and Vagus Nerve Breathwork.

2)  Determine the effects of stress on the disease process.

3)  Reprogram your response to stress.

4)  Reprogram your Autonomic Nervous System.

5)  Create new thought patterns to alleviate chronic conditions.

6)  Explore pain relief strategies.

7)  Evaluate dehydration and chronic conditions.


FACULTY: Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC, owns and operates Liquid Assets for Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. She works with geriatrics, pediatrics and clients with health challenges. Donna is an AquaStretch™ Facilitator and ATRI AquaStretch™ Trainer, and the recipient of the 2012 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award. She is a co-author of the Aquatic Solutions for Chronic Conditions Manual, and is a consultant at the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Facility for Persons with Disabilities. Donna also continues her studies at the Center of Applied Energy Medicine in a Medical Intuitive Training program.