1509 – Improving SCI High Quad Function

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Adam Wilson, CTRS, CBIS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Discuss the functional levels of a person with High Quadraplegia, including the different levels of injury and the muscles associated with that movement. Describe contraindications for the person with High Quadraplegia and provide in-depth education on Spinal Cord Injury. This course explains the role of the Recreation Therapist with a person with High Quadraplegia.



1)  List assessment tools and procedures that help determine functional outcomes.

2)  Examine Recreational Therapy roles and priorities with each level of injury.

3)  Describe expected functional outcomes of persons with various levels of injury.


FACULTY:  Adam Wilson, CTRS, CBIS, has been practicing as a recreation therapist for 15 years, working with all patient populations, including geriatrics, pediatrics, and those with developmental disabilities. He has used aquatic therapy techniques with all populations, including spinal cord injury as a specialty. After graduating from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, Adam moved to Europe where he practiced as a recreation therapist. After working and traveling Europe, Adam worked in Texas, Colorado, and now works in Orange County, CA as a CTRS with physical rehabilitation populations. He tries to implement aquatics into all appropriate treatments.