1608 – A Touch of Watsu®

Beginner / 1-hour Course


Faculty: Minakshi, CMT


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn body mechanics necessary to securely support another, while holding points and giving Shiatsu stretches coordinated with the breath. WATSU® can be used in rehabilitation for passive range of motion, pain reduction, neuro, strokes, MS, etc. In this class we will explore range of movement for the shoulder, along with opening the chest and affecting the lungs.


“Arm Play” is a move that is especially helpful for people with strokes or mobility issues. In a different move, we will learn to palpate pressure points with the breath, along the muscles of the back, not only relieving tension in the spine, but affecting the internal organs via the spinal nerves. Partially because the bladder meridian can have an effect on all the energy channels and partially because of the holding aspect of WATSU®, even when we “treat” a specific symptom, the whole body is affected.


Because we practice passive movements in a low gravity, warm water environment, we support the brain in finding new pathways, which helps our clients with neuro-muscular disorders, CP and most generalized disorders. The environment and gentle nature of WATSU® are conducive to profound insights, understandings and positive change.




Minakshi, CMT, has taught aquatic bodywork to thousands of students, in hundreds of 50-hour classes, throughout the USA and in Canada, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Greece. She taught Ashtanga Yoga in California, from 1981-1987. She explored Acupressure, Ayurveda, Continuum, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Feldenkrais, Hellerwork, Polarity, and more. Minakshi became a massage/shiatsu therapist and Watsu® Instructor in 1991. In January 1998, she opened the Aquatic Bodywork Island Studio in the Florida Keys and continues to teach there.