1609 – Tai Chi Arthritis

Beginner / 1-hour Course


Faculty: Bonnie Hopps, Arthritis Foundation Instructor/Trainer



Explore why this style of Tai Chi is so beneficial for participants with arthritis, as well as people suffering with any chronic illness. We will cover an in-depth warm-up and the first six basic moves, both in standing and sitting positions. This is a land-based Tai Chi program that can stand-alone or be added to any existing exercise program.



1) Discover how this particular type of Tai Chi can be beneficial for people with arthritis.

2) Explore a safe and interesting program, which is easy to learn for people of almost any physical condition     or age, and without any prior knowledge of Tai Chi.

3) Deliver maximum relief for the pain and stiffness of arthritis, utilizing the most appropriate style of Tai Chi.

4) Identify benefits to health in general and enhance relaxation.


FACULTY: Bonnie Hopps, Fitness Program Coordinator for The Arthritis Society, Manitoba division, has been certified by Dr. Paul Lam in  Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Update Course, Tai Chi for Arthritis Part II Course, and Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor’s Course. She is also certified as an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Instructor/Trainer, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Instructor/Trainer.