1612 – The Fatherland: Ai Chi from Japan

Beginner / 3-hour Course


Faculty: Jun Konno, ATRIC / Hisae Endo, ATRIC / Mari Fujita, ATRIC / Keiko Matsumoto, ATRIC / Keiko Tsuboi, ATRIC / Barb Batson, AS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 3-hour pool-only course will be offered by Jun Konno, Ai Chi Originator, as well as four additional Japanese practitioners showing us the traditional Japanese Ai Chi along with Ai Chi Aging and Ai Chi Dance modifications. Ai Chi is the second most commonly used aquatic rehab technique in the world. It’s used predominantly for pain, balance and ROM but the extensive applications are incredible. Put on your suit and enjoy three hours of Ai Chi and its developmental process.



1)  Experience original Ai Chi for calming the reticular system.

2)  Analyze modifications to Ai Chi for the aging population.

3)  Exercise your mind and body while participating in a dance version of Ai Chi.

4)  Examine the concepts of moving with nature and its benefits.

5)  Explore the relaxation that must occur before healing can proceed.


FACULTY: (More Information Coming Soon!)

Jun Konno, ATRIC, is a highly successful entrepreneur in the aquatic industry, a decorated swimming coach, author and international speaker on aquatics. He is an advisor to AEA and also one of AEA's International Training Specialists. Jun is the founder and president of the Aqua Dynamics Institute, a consulting firm for fitness clubs and swimming schools in Japan.


Mari Fujita, ATRIC, is an exercise program director for the Japan Fitness Association and Japanese Midwives’ Association.


Barb Batson, AS, has been an AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor certified since 1995. She serves general, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, PD, senior, and prenatal populations. Barb is a program trainer for both NMSS and the Arthritis Foundation and is an AEA CEC provider and two-term past AEA Advisory Board Council member. She is the 2014 recipient of the AEA Elizabeth Burg Lifetime Achievement Award and ATRI Dolphin Award. She is a sought after motivational speaker and contributor to aquatic and older adult focus publications.