1614 – Deep Water Running Techniques for Aquatic Therapy

Beginner / 2-hour Workshop


Faculty: Monica Tiberi, MD



Deep water running is a great physical activity of high resistance and low impact for enhancing cardiovascular fitness for weight management and obesity, heart disease, diabetes and rheumatic disease. During aquatic therapy or rehabilitation after muscle or joint injuries; during recovery from back pain, illness, pre-surgery as well as post surgery recovery; cardiovascular training should be included to meet physical activity guidelines and enhance health. The course will be helpful to design an endurance program in deep water using different techniques to train at target heart rate.



1) Apply different deep water running techniques (step walk, stride step technique, knees lifting, robo-jog) to improve core strength and cardiovascular fitness.

2) Determine the individual target intensity for any client at any fitness level.

3) Develop strategies for practical training and conduction.

4) Develop possible progression to meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (2008).


FACULTY: Monica Tiberi, MD, works for the Italian National Health Service of Ancona (Italy) on cardiovascular prevention and screening of athletes. She teaches fitness on the medical faculty of the University of Foggia for the Motor Science Department. She has co-written research regarding sport in older athletes.