1615 – Ai Chi International

Beginner / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Barb Batson, AS / Ingrid Fabbian, AS / Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN / Natalia Tolchinsky, MSc / Gloria Aravena, PT


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Ai Chi International offers you a peek at how Ai Chi is being used in different countries and by different ethnic populations. Modifications and varied pre- and post-Ai Chi options will be included.  Russia, Hong Kong, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, and others will be represented. You will have an opportunity to see what is done in the pool and then hear about the different cultures of thought (and applications of Ai Chi) in the lecture room.



1)  Experience Ai Chi as used in different countries.

2)  Develop an understanding for the breadth of Ai Chi application.

3)  Review modifications in movement for the Ai Chi program.

4)  Examine populations and ethic variety and how Ai Chi conforms.


FACULTY: Barb Batson, AS, has been an AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor certified since 1995. She serves general, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, PD, senior, and prenatal populations. Barb is a program trainer for both NMSS and the Arthritis Foundation and is an AEA CEC provider and two-term past AEA Advisory Board Council member. She is the 2014 recipient of the AEA Elizabeth Burg Lifetime Achievement Award and ATRI Dolphin Award. She is a sought after motivational speaker and contributor to aquatic and older adult focus publications. 


Ingrid Fabbian, AS, has accumulated 30 years of knowledge and experience as a practitioner and an educator. Her ability to integrate sport and medical sciences with aquatics has resulted in the successful development of programs ranging from quadriplegic rehabilitation to swimming. In her multi-faceted career, Ingrid has been a Program Director for AASFP, owner and director Asiafit magazine and conferences, lecturer for The University of Hong Kong SPACE program and has presented at numerous conferences in Asia, Australia, China, Japan and USA. She recently published Flow Aquatic Library, a reference book to develop programs from therapy to fitness.


Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, has been an aquatic instructor for 20 years and a presenter worldwide since 2005. She studied physical education with a specialty in Special Movement Education. In 2011, she became a certified hydro-therapist. She is the owner of the Kataqua Institute, providing education, certification and consultation for pools and is the Program Director for Club Aqua. She specializes in training that targets both the muscles and the mind and offers two e-learning programs (AquaMagicMoves) through Fitness Learning Systems (FLS).


Natalia Tolchinsky, MSc, has been involved in aquatic exercise/therapy for the last 15 years. She teaches Ai Chi classes at The Health and Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has mentored five of her students; three of those are now Certified Ai Chi Trainers. Natalia has studied Chi Kung and Tai Chi in search of alternative methods of healing. When she was introduced to Ai Chi, it made a vast improvement in her health and has become her passion.


Gloria Aravena, PT, is a physical therapist and educator in Chile. Since 1968, she has worked with disabled children, teaching them how to swim. She has incorporated the Halliwick Method and water specific therapies. She has also trained in Watsu® and Ai Chi. She runs aquatic therapy courses in Chile and has created her own organization, AquaterapiaChile - Arysan. In 2012, she organized the National Physiotherapist Society for Water Therapies in Colegio de Kinesiologos of Chile.