1616 – Brain Gym in the Pool

Beginner / 2-hour Workshop


Faculty: Sue Grosse, MS


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Develop mental fitness through therapeutic aquatics. Expand the concept of “brain gym” activities to water-based implementation. Acquire techniques for enhancing your clients’ cognitive processing, as well as memory. Facilitate therapeutic intervention by engaging your clients’ mental potential. Improve focus, on-task participation, engagement, and self-evaluation of your clients. While these activities are appropriate for all adults, if you are working with seniors, individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, and/or Alzheimer’s Disease this workshop is for you. Now you can make brain gym activities part of any aquatic program.



1)  Develop a working knowledge and impact of the “brain gym” concept.

2)  Identify at least six different client groups, which could benefit from “brain gym” aquatic activities.

3)  Implement at least a dozen different “brain gym” activities as part of a therapeutic aquatics program.


FACULTY:  Susan J. Grosse, MS, currently president of Aquatic Consulting & Education Resources, has over 40 years experience in aquatics as a teacher, as well as in a variety of leadership roles at the local, national, and international levels. She is past president of the American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness and past chair of the Aquatic Council of AAHPERD. Her publications include work in adapted aquatics, lifeguarding, instructional swim, water exercise, posttraumatic stress disorder, crisis management, contagion, and program administration. She received the ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award in 2006 and the International Swimming Hall of Fame John K. Williams Award in 2009.