1803 – Marketing

Beginner / 3-hour Lecture


Faculty: Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC


COURSE DESCRIPTION: You have great ideas, you offer excellent services, you are excellent practitioners but sometimes you still have problems drawing people to your business or service. Whether you want referrals for your therapy practice or clients for your one-on-one or group programs, this course can help. Focus your marketing dollars in the best way, consider topics to use in a brochure, find words that ‘sell’ to promote yourself, review a format for press releases, and consider a list of ideas that can help you be financially successful. Whether you're marketing your businesses, a specific service or program, or yourselves, you need to do it efficiently and effectively. This lecture will help to do that no matter how low your budget or how high our aspirations. We’ll get into specific situations so bring your problems, bring your goals, and bring your successes. It'll be informal but you'll accomplish a lot.



1)  Explore the true purpose of your business enterprise.

2)  Find your true market.

3)  Investigate how to use others to help promote your enterprise.

4)  Evaluate a variety of inexpensive ways for business exposure.

5)  Review words that sell.

6)  Examine a sample press release.

7)  Consider topics for inclusion in a brochure.


FACULTY: Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC, founder/president of ATRI, is an internationally known speaker, author and consultant. She is the founder of six different businesses including the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, the Aquatic Exercise Association, Living Right Magazine, America’s Certification Trainers, Armchair Aerobics Inc., and the Fitness Firm. A leader in the health and wellness industry, she also draws on her vast experience as an entrepreneur to teach others what it takes to assume the risk of business and enterprise. Ruth is the author of numerous articles and 15 books on her specialties of wellness and business. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Sevier-McCahill Disability International Foundation Award; and the John Williams, Jr. International Swimming Hall of Fame Adapted Aquatics Award. Known for her high energy and practical teaching approaches, Ruth has brought thousands of people over the years to understand the benefits of water exercise.