1806 – Rehab for Injured Warriors

Beginner / Lecture Only

1.0 credit hour equal to 1.0 CEC/.1 CEU


Faculty: Mary Wykle, PhD, ATRIC



Injured Soldiers and athletes expect an aggressive and higher standard of therapy than the average patient or client. The type of injury dictates the appropriate protocol and few have simple and/or one basic injury.  Understanding the patientÕs abilities before injury, time in recovery, goals, and functional level is basic to developing a challenging rehabilitation program specific to their needs.



     1) Discover the prevailing complexities of injuries currently being seen.

     2) Determine goals common to this population.

     3) Establish parameters of care with expected outcomes.

     4) Evaluate progress.


FACULTY: Mary O. Wykle, PhD, ATRIC, is a professor of physical education at Northern Virginia Community College. She holds multiple certifications in aquatics and fitness. Her company, MW Associates, offers consulting workshops in health and aquatics. Mary is a long-time faculty member and serves on varied committees for ATRI, AEA/IAFC, and WAHC. She is the author of Risk Awareness and Safety Training, the Aqua Pi-Yo-Chiª course, and the Lumbar Stabilization Exercises DVD.