2201 – Pediatric AquaHab

Intermediate / 8-hour Workshop


Faculty: Julia Meno, CTRS, ATRIC



Intermediate Pediatric AquaHab is a course in aquatic developmental motor learning. Understanding motor sequencing in an aquatic environment will assist in early childhood development and rehabilitation. Referral, assessment and treatment interventions for infant and preschool children will be discussed.



1) Determine special considerations for pediatric aquatic therapy.

2) Address developmental delays using aquatic therapy.

3) Practice techniques in a fun environment that can be utilized to meet the rehabilitation goals of the child’s treatment plan.

4) Explore means of providing aquatic therapy programs for pediatrics with special needs.


FACULTY: Julia Meno, CTRS, ATRIC, is the founder/owner of Therapeutic Aquatics, Inc. and aquaticcentral.com, specializing in consulting, information and rehabilitation. She is a presenter for the Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute, Inc. and is the author and publisher of The "Bad Ragaz Ring Method Visual Instructional Manual and Video". Also co-producer of “PNF in The Pool” Video, she is the recipient of the ATRI 2002 Tsunami Spirit Award for her innovation, creativity and implementation of new ideas. Her workshops have been received enthusiastically by both national and international audiences.