2203 – Integrated Balance

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty:  Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC



This workshop will teach you ways to integrate the mind with the body, ultimately increasing your clients’ balance, reaction time and coordination. Creative ways to use the Unpredictable Command Technique in an aquatic exercise program and aquatic walking program will be demonstrated. We’ll start with yoga for the feet and show you simple ways to improve balance with foot exercises. The foot exercises are especially beneficial for those with bunions or prior to or following a bunionectomy. The course will end by learning a new Qigong technique for inner balance.



1) Implement the Unpredictable Command Technique into water aerobics and water walking.

2) Discover simple foot exercises to improve balance.

3) Explore Pan Gu Shengong, a relatively new form of Qigong, which has been in the United States for only the past ten years. Take this practice to the water.


FACULTY:  Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC, is founder of Lyu Ki Dou™ and owner of Liquid Assets for Fitness. She is a trainer for the Arthritis Foundation and works with geriatrics and clients with health challenges. She has been an AEA Advisory Board member and is a recognized national provider for AEA and ATRI. Donna attends a Medical Intuitive Training Program at the Center for Applied Energy Medicine. Beyond her active aquatic and private healing practice, Donna facilitates workshops on healing and spiritual self-mastery.