2216 – Total Body Core with NZ Manufacturing

Intermediate / 1-hour Course


Faculty: Maryanne Haggerty, MS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This showcase will highlight NZ Manufacturing’s products and their application for aquatic core stabilization for upper and lower extremity movement. Applications will be experienced for aquatic therapeutic exercise and muscular balance conditioning. Running mechanics will also be performed with added drag from variable resistances.



1)  Applly upper and lower extremity medicords and stretch cord sets.

2)  Use and apply the upper and lower body combo sets to aquatic therapeutic exercise and muscle balance conditioning.

3)  Apply the drag concept for running gait mechanics with variable resistance.


FACULTY: Maryanne Haggerty, MS, has been promoting safe and effective therapeutic exercise with an integrated total body approach to individuals, groups, and professionals for 30 years. As a faculty member and presenter for TSI, NASM, AEA, and AFAA, she has certified professionals. Promoting exercise for all abilities, Maryanne has presented televised exercise segments on aquatics. She has developed several post-rehab options for continued safety in conditioning and strengthening. As the program developer of the Aquavee pool pilates plus small group and post-rehab conditioning options, she has incorporated a total body approach to integrating balanced movement patterns in the reconditioning of trunk and joint stability.