2219 Balance and Core Strength

Intermediate / 4-hour Workshop


Faculty: Connie Jasinskas, MSc


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This session will address common issues affecting balance and explore vertical aquatic exercise techniques to improve balance and core strength. Research-driven, clinically proven training strategies will be used to stimulate and improve relevant systems. Practitioners requiring core strengthening exercises will discover useful techniques to help clients train functional core strength, while challenging and improving balance.



1)  List common issues affecting balance and core strength.

2)  Assess research and clinical examples related to this issue.

3)  Relate identified issues to pool exercises designed to challenge and improve balance and core strength.

4)  Experience functional, vertical/inclined core strengthening exercises.

5)  Practice exercises to progressively challenge balance.

6)  Experience exercise progressions from sub-acute to post-rehab.


FACULTY: Connie Jasinskas, MSc, has been bringing passion and humor to her work as an international author and educator since 1984. AquaStretch Foundations and AquaStretch Certificate Course co-author, Connie specializes in AquaStretch and aquatic rehab for chronic pain, breast cancer, musculoskeletal and systemic health issues. Visit her websites to learn more: www.AquaStretchCanada.com and www.FortheLoveofFit.com.