2220 – Return to Running/Walking Function After Injury

Intermediate / 2-hour Workshop


Faculty: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Explore common injuries experienced by runners, the healing process, as well as what is involved in rehabilitation. The course will also specifically focus on exercises that can be performed in the water to assist in healing and improved function of the runner. Literature regarding the use of water as part of the rehab process, including specific exercises, will be discussed. 



1) Examine common injuries experienced by runners.

2) Demonstrate basic understanding of the healing process through discussion of specific cases.

3) Demonstrate an understanding of progression by designing an aquatic exercise program for the injured runner from basic to advanced exercises.

4) Explore when to transition clients from an aquatic-based program to a land-based rehab program.


FACULTY: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC, has been involved in aquatics for the past 10 years, after being introduced to the field through Paula Briggs-led Aquatic Therapy Program at West Virginia University. She is a recipient of the 2008 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award. Melissa is currently working in North Carolina as an outpatient physical therapist specializing in aquatic therapy.