2221 – Poly-Trauma: Considerations for Aquatic Therapy

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course will provide an overview of types of injuries involved with the poly-trauma population. Examine the development of aquatic therapy programs for this population. Stages of healing, complications, contraindications/precautions, safety procedures, and development of exercise protocols will also be discussed during the presentation.



1.     Examine the stages of healing.

2.     Assess precautions for the poly-trauma population.

3.     Determine safety procedures to follow specific to this population.

4.     Design an aquatic therapy program for the rehab client based on individual limitations/precautions and goals.


FACULTY: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC, has been involved in aquatics for the past 10 years, after being introduced to the field through Paula Briggs-led Aquatic Therapy Program at West Virginia University. She is a recipient of the 2008 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award. Melissa is currently working in North Carolina as an outpatient physical therapist specializing in aquatic therapy.