2223 – Progressive Balance Activities

Intermediate / 1-hour Course


Faculty: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC



Provide balance techniques beginning with the basics and progressing to move advanced and functional balance activities. This course will use only the properties of water to challenge and improve a client’s balance, proprioception, and stability. Specific populations will be addressed during this course. With an understanding of the properties of water and a creative mind, any combination of activities can be utilized to design a fun, safe, and effective balance protocol.



1)  Develop and implement a basic balance protocol with progressions.

2)  Create at least three unique balance exercises that could benefit a specific client population.

3)  Be aware of safety issues and concerns to be addressed when designing a balance protocol.


FACULTY: Melissa Lewis, MPT, ATRIC, has been involved in aquatics for the past 13 years, after being introduced to the field through Paula Briggs’ Aquatic Therapy Program at West Virginia University. Melissa is currently working in North Carolina as an outpatient physical therapist, specializing in aquatic therapy. She is a recipient of the 2008 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.