2226 – Using Water to Treat Lymphedema

Intermediate / 2-hour Workshop


Faculty: Lynette Jamison, MOT, OTR/L


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Develop and implement an aquatic treatment plan that will augment a full lymphedema management program. Didactic evidence to support the use of an aquatic treatment plan for this patient population will be provided. Anatomy, physiology and some possible pathologies of the lymph system will be discussed. Treatment and after-care protocols will be presented including Manual Lymph Drainage, aquatic exercise and use of compression bandages and garments. Specific exercises will be practiced in water. Case studies will be presented. Information regarding specific training for Manual Lymph Drainage and compression products will also be available.



1)  Describe the pathways of the lymph system.

2)  Justify using aquatic exercise versus land-based exercise using evidenced-based information.

3)  Develop an aquatic exercise program for a patient with lymphedema to enhance lymph drainage and circulation.


FACULTY: Lynette Jamison, MOT, OTR/L, is the Director of Aquatics and Rehabilitation at the Desert Pain Institute in Mesa, AZ, with 15 employees. She is involved in educating professional staff, developing aquatic wellness programs and providing patient care. She has been working with and teaching the concepts of aquatic therapy for more than 20 years. Lynette has authored and co-authored, Future Waves: Aquatic Policy & Procedure Manual (2004), A Team Approach to the Aquatic Continuum of Care (2000), and Aquatic Therapy Using PNF Patterns (1994), and numerous articles and chapters in other books. She was the second recipient of the ATRI Aquatic Therapy Professional of the Year Award. She is also certified in the Vodder method of manual lymph drainage.