2229 Brazilian Athletic Interventions

Intermediate / 1-hour Lecture


Faculty: Douglas Gil, MS, PT


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This presentation will give you new ideas to use with your athletes and weekend warriors. In Brazil, we have some different ideas for athletic rehab from concussions to neuromuscular injuries. We will show video examples of how the Brazilian Aquatic Therapy team is treating different sports injuries. Various protocols will be explained.



1) Demonstrate sport rehabilitation treatment techniques.

2) Explore the examples and thought behind various protocols.

3) Examine the reason for the Brazilian Aquatic Therapy plan.


FACULTY: Douglas Gil, MS, PT, is a physiotherapist specializing in aquatic therapy, sport rehabilitation and pre-natal exercise. He has been an international presenter since 1994 and has lectured in several countries including Japan, USA, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Brazil. Douglas is the creator of JDG (Stress Reduction Technique) and is currently associated with the Vita Institute of Advanced Medicine in Sao Paulo, Brazil.