2306 - Shoulder Stabilization

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop



Bring clients into the pool who have shoulder instability to maximize early movement progressing to active full range of motion to work hardening skills. Learn great progressions for your clients. We will discuss both low function and high function, so bring your case histories to present and design a program.



¨     Provide initial shoulder stabilization activities in the aquatic environment.

¨     Explore variations in exercises, based on client evaluations.

¨     Progress the client to a high intensity shoulder program.


FACULTY: Ruth Meyer, MEd, RKT, ATRIC, has offered aquatic therapy and kinesiotherapy services for over 20 years. She has been an Arthritis Foundation Instructor trainer for AFYAP and PACE for 11 years, a kinesiotherapist for 26 years and is also an Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Course Leader. She continues to expand her practice to include Bad Ragaz, Halliwick, Watsu®, the Burdenko Method, craniosacral and myofascial release.