2309 – Trigger Point Patterns for Back Pain

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Shinzo Fujimaki, CMT


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the art of Japanese healing, shiatsu, aikido and gentle yoga in the water for back pain. This self-healing shiatsu yoga is based on meridians (energy line), major acupressure points, five elements from Shiatsu, and gentle stretches with breath from yoga. All combine to create the energetic meditative movement in the warm water. This healing movement opens up the inner energy to circulate the entire body and mind to heal the common illnesses and create the better health.



1)   Identify the concept of Oriental healing, the Yin and Yang theory and principles of Shiatsu, Aikido and Yoga.

2)   Identify and locate the general flow of meridians.

3)   Identify and palpate the key acupressure points and explain the benefits.

4)   Return demonstration of the oriental approach to energy flow by using proper breath control, Shiatsu, Yoga, and Aikido techniques.


FACULTY: Shinzo Fujimaki, CMT, has been teaching massage, both on land and in the water, along with Japanese Shiatsu for 25 years. Born in Japan, Shinzo first learned the art of Shiatsu at an early age. As an Aikido artist, marathon runner, and yoga practitioner, he integrated the discipline, training, and philosophy of Aikido and yoga with the practice of Shiatsu to create a full, rich healing experience.