2321 – Knees: Prehab and Rehab

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Lynda Huey, MS



Try everything before having knee surgery, and trying the pool is the best idea of all. Prevent or delay total knee surgery by as much as ten years in deep water with no impact. Prevent lateral release surgery by correctly strengthening the muscles around the knee in chest-deep water with mild impact. Prevent surgery for a torn meniscus with a combo of deep and shallow water exercises. Latest research shows no significant difference in patients’ outcomes if they have arthroscopy or do physical therapy. Let’s keep our people out of the operating room with this pool protocol.



1)  Explain the concept of increasing range of motion and reducing pain in the OA patient to prevent or delay total knee surgery.

2)  Show how to strengthen the VMO to improve knee stability and prevent lateral release surgery.

3)  Review the types of meniscus tears that can heal with this program and the one type that cannot.

4)  Explain the theory behind turning the “blister” on the meniscus into a “callus.”

5)  Demonstrate a straight-leg program that allows the injured person to start pool exercises even with intense knee pain.

6)  Go through the step-by-step progression that safely moves people to healthy, functioning knees.

7)  Demonstrate the high-level program for a participant’s last day in the pool.


FACULTY: Lynda Huey, MS, founder of Huey’s Athletic Network and CompletePT in Los Angeles, pioneered the use of water training with Olympic and professional athletes in the 1980s. She designs therapy pools for hospitals, clinics, and home clients. She trains aquatic therapists from Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East as well as from private clinics, hospitals, and universities. Lynda licenses her pool therapy protocols and electronic templates to major healthcare providers. She has authored five books on water exercise and rehab.