2323 – The Heavy Concept: Neuromuscular Retraining for Orthopedic Issues

Intermediate / 3-hour Land Workshop


Faculty:  Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC



One of the main effects of injury is the loss of neuromuscular timing, balance, and control leading to loss of skill and function.  The Heavy Concept can help to restore these factors and promote normal musculoskeletal biomechanics.  It can improve functional movement organization by re-educating neuromuscular patterns of the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle by simply thinking ‘heavy’ while moving.


This allows the participant to initiate movement from the pelvis and trunk, encouraging proper biomechanics and coordination of extremity movements.  The majority of activities of daily living (and sports related movements) should be proximal to distal. The Heavy Concept creates whole-body synergy by linking pelvis, abdominal, spinal, and scapular muscle control with extremity movement.


This technique spans land and water. It can be used in all body positions and all musculoskeletal movements.



1)   Analyze the body efforts used to move proximal to distal – or from inner core muscles to outer core muscles.

2)   Experience movement initiated in the core rather than in the extremities.

3)   Feel deep tissue trunk and abdominal muscles engage for balance and stability.

4)   Recruit muscle tissue in an efficient, effective progression.

5)   Discover a solid base for balance and safe movement.

6)   Observe how to trigger deep tissue muscles prior to extremity musculature firing.


FACULTY: Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC, an internationally known speaker, author and consultant, is the founder of six different businesses including the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, the Aquatic Exercise Association, Living Right Magazine, America’s Certification Trainers, Armchair Aerobics Inc., and the Fitness Firm. A leader in the health and wellness industry, she also draws on her vast experience as an entrepreneur to teach others what it takes to assume the risk of business and enterprise. Ruth is on the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and is the author of numerous articles and eleven books on her specialties of wellness and business. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Sevier-McCahill Disability International Foundation Award; and the John Williams, Jr. International Swimming Hall of Fame Adapted Aquatics Award. Known for her high energy and practical teaching approaches, Ruth has brought thousands of people over the years to understand the benefits of water exercise.