2324 – Rehab for Hip Implants, Arthroscopy and Labral Repair

Intermediate / 8-hour Workshop


Faculty: Lynda Huey, MS


COURSE DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive update on the latest information from top orthopedic surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center regarding hip implant surgery and hip arthroscopy. This update is necessary because the landscape for treating hips has changed dramatically since Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) was first codified by Swiss surgeons in 2003. Now there is a whole new sub-category of hip diagnoses that didn’t previously exist. Those who work with clients or patients in the pool need to understand the overview as well as the specifics. The intricate work inside the joint must be protected with new movement restrictions for hip arthroscopy patients.


Implant surgeries have changed in many dramatic ways, too, making it possible for patients to bypass the recovery room and go straight to their room where physical therapists await them to start gait training. Take a look at the latest changes in operative techniques that allow this to be possible. Discuss new options for anesthesia, the smaller incisions, and the various surgical approaches to the hip.



1)  Explore the latest information from top surgeons regarding criteria to be a candidate for arthroscopy and the conditions that preclude candidacy. 

2)  Study intra-operative photos and drawings to be able to identify the three types of FAI.

3)  Determine the basic movement restrictions following labral repair and bone removal to protect the new repair. Be able to construct a protocol within those limitations.

4)  In the pool, perform the basic rehab exercises followed by the modifications necessary for post-op FAI patients.

5)  Examine the timeline for progressing patients for either FAI or implant surgery.

6)  Apply the day’s understandings. Be able to provide examples of what to do at each phase of post-surgical recovery.


FACULTY: Lynda Huey, MS, founder of Huey’s Athletic Network and CompletePT in Los Angeles, pioneered the use of water training with Olympic and professional athletes in the 1980s. She designs therapy pools for hospitals, clinics, and home clients. She trains aquatic therapists from Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East as well as from private clinics, hospitals, and universities. Lynda licenses her pool therapy protocols and electronic templates to major healthcare providers. She has authored five books on water exercise and rehab.