2326 – COREssentials for Hips

Intermediate / 3-hour Land Workshop with Application to Land and Water


Faculty: Laurie Denomme, B. Kinesiology


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The hips have the capacity to control and influence successful function of the body.  To best serve the shoulders, knees, and core, this ball and socket joint requires the ability to move in all three planes of motion. Having sufficient mobility will make improved strength possible using exercises that synergistically load the muscles surrounding the hip. Learn how to best achieve hip mobile stability plus take a closer look at how the femur and pelvis move relative to one another to reveal an extensive repertoire of exercise options.



1)  Identify the six motions critical for healthy hip function.

2)  Describe the importance of why mobility is necessary to improve hip stability.

3)  Demonstrate how to synergistically load the muscles of the hip for improved function.

4)  Select better exercises using the understanding of five ways to get relative hip rotation.

5)  Utilize buoyancy and resistance to develop functional aquatic exercise progressions.


FACULTY: Laurie Denomme, B. Kinesiology, is an AquaStretch™ Instructor, NG360 Nike Golf Performance Specialist, and GIFT Fellow through the Gray Institute. She has presented nationally and internationally at AEA, ATRI, IDEA and other conferences, having been voted as a Top 10 presenter at AEA’s International Conference in both 2011 and 2012, and is the recipient of the 2013 AEA Fitness Professional Global Award. 

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