2624 – Ai Chi for Ortho and Neuro Patients

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Lavinia Wong Kit Yee, PT



Ai Chi has been widely used in active rehabilitation for different orthopedic and neurological clinical conditions. Since Ai Chi is characterized by its self-guided movement, functional directional training and movement control element; intrinsic learning of muscle work and balance are gradually regained through training. Different mode of application and modification of movement will be illustrated in the workshop. Selected common orthopedic conditions including chronic shoulder pain, low back pain and knee osteoarthritis’ management with Ai Chi will be addressed. For the neurological area, focus will be put on how Ai Chi can tackle the balance, rigidity and symmetrical issues for stroke and Parkinson’s conditions. This course will cover the basic pathology and treatment approach to the conditions mentioned.



1) Determine the use of Ai Chi movement analysis.

2) Apply the above concept in modification of Ai Chi in the mentioned clinical conditions.

3) Demonstrate the modified Ai Chi technique in common clinical orthopedic conditions.

4) Determine the performance and limitation in stroke and Parkinson’s clients with appropriate adjustment in Ai Chi protocol.


FACULTY: Lavinia Wong Kit Yee, PT, has been working in aquatic therapy for rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological patients for more than 20 years. She is responsible for developing the community hydrotherapy rehabilitation program under The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation for people with various chronic health conditions. She is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science at Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she taught both undergraduate and post-graduate physiotherapy programs in hydrotherapy. She also delivers professional training to physiotherapists and health/fitness professionals in both Hong Kong and China.