2629 – Introduction to Aquatic Osteopathy Concepts

Intermediate / 4-hour Workshop


Faculty: Michael Dufresne, BA, DO



The major therapeutic principles of traditional osteopathy and their adaptation into the aquatic environment will be described. The notions of therapeutic fulcrums in water are addressed along with technical applications of these principles.



1)   Define the six major therapeutic principles.

2)   Examine how warm water complements traditional osteopathy.

3)   Describe impact of warm water at an emotional level.

4)   Explore the pros and cons of the absence of external fulcrums.

FACULTY:  Michael Dufresne, BA, DO, holds a degree of osteopathy from Le College d’Etudes Osteopathiques de Montreal (C.E.O.) and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bishop’s University, Canada. He practices traditional and aquatic osteopathy in his current practice in Canada. Michael has co-written a research paper on the adaptation of therapeutic principles of osteopathy into the aquatic environment and does research in this area. He holds seminars and workshops on aquatic osteopathy internationally and has been a faculty instructor with ATRI since 2000. 
Michael also is a professor of osteopathy at C.E.O. in Montreal (Osteopathic Program of 
Wales University, England), where he has been teaching since 2004. Michael brings a practical approach to multiple dysfunctions in the area of osteoarticular, visceral, and cranial systems.