2637 – AquaStretchTM Self-Release Techniques

Intermediate / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Connie Jasinskas, MSc


COURSE DESCRIPTION: AquaStretch™(A/S) is a popular method of manual therapy for the pool. Typically, A/S is done one-on-one: facilitator to client. This session will offer methods to instruct clients to self-administer AquaStretch™(A/S) Procedures and Technique. Self-A/S can improve clients’ ability to problem-solve soft-tissue pain independently. The result is decreased pain between visits, client empowerment, increased body-awareness, and improved client self-responsibility. People experiencing neuropathic pain have been shown to have a better response to A/S when it is self-administered. Self-A/S procedures for the extremities, core, and neck will be taught and practiced. A number of self-A/S procedures are effectively done on land as well as in the pool.



1)  Practice strategies to instruct clients to self-administer AquaStretch™(A/S) Procedures and Technique (play – freeze – pressure – move).

2)  List teaching strategies to help clients down-regulate the autonomic nervous system before, during and after A/S.

3)  Practice self-A/S procedures for the lower extremities, upper extremities, core and neck.

4)  Review recommendations for client use of equipment during self-A/S.

5)  List recommendations for patient use of self-directed soft-tissue release techniques in the pool and at home.


FACULTY: Connie Jasinskas, MSc, has been bringing passion and humor to her work as an international author and educator since 1984. AquaStretch™ Foundations and AquaStretch™ Certificate Course co-author, Connie specializes in AquaStretch™ and aquatic rehab for chronic pain, breast cancer, musculoskeletal and systemic health issues. Visit her websites to learn more: www.AquaStretchCanada.com and www.FortheLoveofFit.com.