3309 – Upper Quadrant Techniques

Advanced / 4-hour Workshop


Faculty: Terri Mitchell, BA, PTA, ATRIC



The upper quadrant is complex. Successful management of identifying dysfunction from the neck to the hand, and then treating the region with various aquatic therapy techniques requires a hands-on approach. From passive activities to manual techniques to AquastretchTM to active exercise, learn how to treat common orthopedic problems including shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, scapula-thoracic dysfunction, or epicondylitis. This hands-on course is presented in a practical manner.



1) Practice hands on AquaStretchTM techniques in vertical positions for release of connective tissue in cervical and upper extremity fascia.
2) Experience supine position manual aquatic therapy techniques such as PNF, Bad Ragaz, massage, joint mobs and distraction.
3) Create therapeutic aquatic exercise programs/protocols for upper quadrant diagnoses including cervical pain, shoulder impingement, epicondylitis, and more.
4) Examine case studies of the upper quadrant.


FACULTY: Terri Mitchell, BA, PTA, ATRIC, has committed her livelihood to aquatic fitness, therapy and wellness for more than 25 years. She is an AEA Training Specialist and Physical Therapist Assistant in Austin, Texas where she works with college kids, older adults and baby boomers in various indoor and outdoor pools. She holds certifications from AEA, ATRI, and IAR. Terri is a Certified Personal Trainer for both land and water. She is an experienced presenter, having shared her ideas globally. She is the 2001 recipient of ATRI’s Dolphin Award and the 2010 recipient of the ATRI Professional Award. She was named Fitness Professional of the Year by AEA in 1992.