3601 Š Clinical Wassertanzen

Advanced / 3-hour Workshop


Faculty: Luis Vargas, PhD, PT, ATRIC; Flavia Bayron, PT, MPA, ATRIC


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Clinical Wassertanzen Part I will address clinical musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems. It is an advanced level course intended for aquatic therapists with intermediate knowledge and experience. It features activities and techniques to promote respiratory control and endurance of submersions, as well as selected facilitation and inhibition submersive phase III maneuvers applied in accordance with the patientÕs problem list. The Clinical Wassertanzen Protocol was developed by Dr. Luis G. Vargas as a three-phase aquatic therapy intervention based on Dr. VargasÕ Phases of Breathing Control, Neurophysiological Theories and Musculoskeletal as well as Neuromuscular Effects.



1)  Assess the three theories regulating the neurophysiological respiratory control during the submersive phase.

2)  Develop skill in the performance of transitional maneuvers and short interval submersion.

3)  Develop skill in the performance of Phase III submersive maneuvers 1-5.

4)  Synchronize respiratory control with the application of maneuvers and manual techniques.

5)  Provide pre-submersion signal as indicated and when appropriate.

6)  Develop skill in the performance of phase I activities in preparation for phase III.

7)  Develop skill in the application of phase II myofascial and soft tissue release techniques as well as in osseous mobilization techniques.

8)  Evaluate the patientÕs response to applied maneuvers and techniques.


FACULTY: Luis Vargas, PhD, PT, ATRIC Š With a professional history highlighted by a number of clinical and administrative positions, Dr. Vargas has chaired eight academic physical therapy programs at all levels and served as consultant both nationally and internationally at several colleges and universities. He has completed several research studies and is the author of two Aquatic Therapy books: Aquatic Therapy: Interventions and Applications, and Diagnostic Aquatics Systems Integration: Specialized Interventions. He received the ATRI Dolphin Award (2000) and the ATRI Professional Award (2004) from ATRI. APTA honored him with the Ruoti Award for Excellence in Scholarship (2008) and the Leadership Award (2011) for service as Vice President of the Aquatic Physical Therapy Section, Component Delegate to the House of Delegates and Federal Affairs Liaison.


Flavia Bayron, PT, MPA, ATRIC, is an associate professor at the University of Puerto Rico in the physical therapy program. Her area of expertise is in musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation. She has collaborated with the San Juan Sports Medicine Clinic and the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee.