3603 – Intro to Aquatic Visceral Manipulation

Advanced / 3-hour Workshop


Recorded in Sanibel, FL / Thursday, June 29, 2017

Classroom: 90 minutes

Pool: 90 minutes


Faculty: Michael Dufresne, BA, DO



These techniques will apply to a wide range of patients that you meet in your office every day. The theory behind (osteopathic) visceral manipulations as well as its applications will be covered. The neural and mechanical implications of the visceral systems will be described. Common visceral causes of musculoskeletal symptoms will be identified. We will explore manipulations of the following structures: lungs, pericardium, liver, stomach, colon, small intestine, urinary bladder, etc.



1)  Identify and use the major therapeutic tools of Aquatic Osteopathy.

2)  Assess the importance of viscera on the neuro-physiology and bio-mechanics of the body.

3)  Understand how warm water immersion affects the movements of viscera.

4)  Using anatomical landmarks, precisely locate the main organs.

5)  Develop visceral palpation skill.


FACULTY:  Michael Dufresne, DO, practices traditional and aquatic osteopathy and he is a professor at College d’Etudes Osteopathiques in Canada. He brings a practical approach to multiple health dysfunctions with the use of osteo-articular, visceral as well as cranial techniques. Michel has co-written a research thesis on the adaptation of therapeutic principles of osteopathy into the aquatic environment and does research in this area. He holds seminars and workshops on Aquatic Osteopathy internationally and has been a faculty instructor with the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute since 2000.