Hosting an ATRI Event
Name of Meeting: Aquatic Therapy Professional Development Days
General Requirements

Mission Statement: The Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, Inc. (ATRI) is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to the professional development of healthcare providers in the area of aquatic therapy.  Offering educational courses and certification, ATRI provides opportunities to advance the competencies, knowledge and skills of the aquatic therapy practitioner. ATRI provides information to the public on aquatic therapy topics and works with organizations whose members are healthcare professionals to serve them in the area of aquatic therapy.

Preferred Days/Dates/Coordination 

Any day of the week. We will not schedule events on holidays or that conflict with other scheduled events. 

Facility must provide one coordinator who will be available for questions and preparation leading up to the event. As well as an onsite facilitator to be there for the event, to work the one day event. (These may or may not be the same person.)

The onsite facilitator will be available for attendee check-in and other things that come up throughout the day. This person should not plan to sit in on courses since their time will primarily be involved with event coordination. 

Facility will promote and publicize the event in the local area in order to encourage attendance. Facility expected to enroll 3 – 5 paying attendees in addition to the 2 free registrants. This is simply to show good faith support in hosting a successful event. Group discounts are available.

Break-Out Rooms

We will use 1 room set classroom style with tables and chairs for 25.

Facility to provide audio-visual equipment, (overhead, screen, LCD projector, VCR/TV, flip-chart or wipe-off board) for classroom.

Facility must provide drinking water, coffee and cups for attendees


Swimming Pools

Pool must be heated to 90-92 degrees

ATRI must have exclusive use of the pool

Pool must have approximately 800 square feet of water space that is 3 ½ - 4 ½ feet deep

Pool must have moveable lane lines or no lane lines

Must have locker rooms for men and women

Pool must meet ADA standards

Pool/facility must have proof of insurance

Facility pool equipment must be available to ATRI


Sample Meeting Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00PM breakout room set for approximately 25 set schoolroom with tables and chairs

8:00AM – 9:00PM Pool for 25 people

ICATRIC exam at a separate time and classroom. ICATRIC representative will contact you to discuss the possibility of hosting the exam.


If you have a facility, please contact:   Anne Miller – Executive Director

                                                         Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, Inc.

                                                         2900 Gulf Shore Blvd North #116 -  Naples, FL 34103

                                                         Phone (toll free) 866-go2-atri - Phone (Anne’s direct line) 239-595-5187

                                                         Fax 561-828-8150 

                                                         Email: OR Email:


Site Information Sheet - please download this Excel worksheet, complete and return to Anne Miller at or fax to 561-828-8150.