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1020 – COVID Long Haulers: Exercise Considerations and Post-COVID Stress Disorder

Beginner / Half-Day Course
Chicago, IL / Saturday, April 9, 2022 – 8:00-11:00 am – 3.0 credit hours
(Classroom: 8:00-11:00 am)

Faculty: Mindy Pierce, PT, MS, CEEAA, ATRIC, Ai Chi Trainer / Mary Wykle, PhD, AEA, ATRIC, Ai Chi Master

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class will look at the special considerations for the growing population of COVID long haulers, using the latest rehabilitation research and recommendations for best practice. Our focus will be on those whose persisting symptoms are functionally limiting 28 days or more after contracting COVID       and their transition to post-rehab exercise when rehab is done. We will explore the challenges of the most common symptoms and look at ways to help these survivors along the road to recovery, highlighting Ai Chi as a treatment tool.

1) Gain an understanding of the current status of long COVID, population, symptoms, and clinical pathways for recovery.
2) Identify risks and challenges for relapse to adapt treatment protocols.
3) Apply and pace progressions safely.
4) Relate other traumas to resulting chronic fatigue syndrome.
5) Discuss relationship to depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction.
6) Identify exercises and progressions to assist in recovery.

Mindy Pierce, PT, MS, CEEAA, ATRIC, Ai Chi Trainer, worked as a physical therapist for over 40 years in hospital, outpatient, and geriatric settings, focusing on orthopedic and aging populations and leading a CCRC rehab team. She has given numerous presentations to students, therapists, athletic trainers, patients, and the public on musculoskeletal, aging, and aquatic topics. She holds an advanced master’s degree in musculoskeletal physical therapy, and certifications from ATRI and the APTA Academy for Geriatric Physical Therapy. Now retired, she is a reviewer for the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy and shares her passion for Ai Chi through classes and an Ai Chi blog (

Mary Wykle, PhD, AEA, ATRIC, Ai Chi Master, is president of MW Associates and specializes in aquatic program development for all populations for ATRI, AEA and the National Spine Health Foundation where she is one of four national advocates advising patients on spinal questions. Certifications include ATRIC, AEA, Ai Chi Master Trainer, and Hydrorevolution Trainer. She has received all levels of awards from ATRI, the AEA Lifetime Achievement Global Award, ISHoF, American Red Cross and Defense Department Awards.