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1215 – Better Balance with the Clockwork Approach

Beginner / Land Workshop
Chicago, IL / Saturday, November 14, 2020 – 1:30-4:30 pm – 3.0 credit hours
(Classroom: 1:30-4:30 pm)

Faculty: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The clockwork approach is a visualization technique on the large and small clock arrows of a clock, for both anchored moves and stepping skills to achieve better balance during proper alignment. It gives a great variation for muscle and mind connected exercises, helps participants achieve more efficient gait, balance and functioning, and is fun! In this workshop, many combinations will be learned and practiced, including the following:
• Ab/adduct
• Flex/extend
• Internal/external rotation
• Circumduction
• Touches
• Lunges

• Loaded Movement Training
• Deeper water
• With turning and weight shifting
• Heavy concept

Clinical purpose:
• Balance
• Coordination
• Fall prevention
• Tolerance to complete weight shifts and transfers
• Trunk glide

1) Examine the clockwork approach.
2) Determine the essentials for balance and fall prevention.
3) Incorporate techniques of Loaded Movement Training.
4) Connect muscle and mind and vice versa through turns and shifts.
5) Apply the Clockwork Approach for different populations.

FACULTY: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC, has 20-plus years of experience in aquatics and has been a presenter worldwide since 2005. She studied physical education and holds a degree in Special Movement Education with an emphasis in Motoric Remedial Teaching and a focus on pediatrics. She has developed three e-learning programs on aquatic fitness (AquaMagicMoves) and is CEO of two educational institutes for aquatics: Kataqua for aquatic fitness and ProOZo for swimming. She is the organizer of the annual European Aquatic Fitness Conference (EAFC).