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2345 – Total Function: Foundation, Activation, Movement

Intermediate / Full-Day Course
Live via Zoom / Sunday, October 11, 2020 – 8:00 am-3:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time
7.0 credit hours
(Lecture with Pool Demo or Video)
There will be a 30-minute break for lunch and regular breaks will be taken during the course.

Faculty: Maryanne Haggerty, MS

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Part 1 of Total Function: Foundation will focus on building the foundation for functional skills. The importance of activating the intrinsic core stabilizers as the foundation for stabilization in aquatic exercises will be progressed as efficiency of the nervous system is achieved. Part 2 of Total Function: Activation will focus on activation of the weak stabilizing muscles to promote muscle balance and overall whole body balance. The stabilization of the core will be taken to the next level which is balance. Part 3 of Total Function: Movement will focus on advancing movement by developing core subsystems, strength, and power for functional movements. With focused individualized and safe exercise to build a solid foundation, the activation of weak stabilizing muscles are then able to be developed, and progressed when conditioned to the components of controlling the muscles conditioning for an individual’s level of power, speed, quickness, and agility ensuring that it is safely and specifically progressed.

1) Review evidence on foundational skills and how to increase neuromuscular efficiency for effective functioning.
2) Activate weak muscles to promote joint and muscular stabilization and balance.
3) Advance core stabilization to the next level with balance stabilization training.
4) Explore muscular balance activation and balance training through a total body approach.
5) Evaluate the evidence and safetyof progressing muscular endurance, strength, and power promoting total function.

FACULTY: Maryanne Haggerty, MS-ExPhys, educates individuals, groups, and corporations in health, wellness, and fitness. In addition to teaching several certifications and continuing education courses, she has developed many progressive functional exercises for stabilization and muscular strengthening. Her mission is to promote safe and effective exercise enabling individuals to be functionally stronger.