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2653 – AquaStretch Applications for Kids

Intermediate / Half-Day Workshop
Chicago, IL / Saturday, April 17, 2021 – 8:00-11:00 am / 3.0 credit hours
(Classroom: 8:00-9:30 am / Indoor Pool: 9:30-11:00 am)

Faculty: Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: AquaStretch™ techniques are holistically based and clinically effective; treatment is hands-on and can be implemented as part of any health and wellness program. Applications for individuals with limited ability to express themselves will be explored. Stimulate neurological function, relieve pain, facilitate ease of movement, and improve quality of life through application of AquaStretch™ to this specialized group of kids. Resources to enable expansion of AquaStretch™ techniques will be provided.

1) Explore basic AquaStretch™ procedures modified for the pediatric population and clients with limited ways to express themselves.
2) Discover how to read the energy of your patients with holistic techniques added to your kinesthetic awareness skills to optimize AquaStretch™ treatments for individuals that may not be able to verbally or physically express themselves.
3) Explore basic AquaStretch™ procedures with variations in seated and supine options.
4) Examine how intuitive movement plays a role in the effectiveness of AquaStretch™, and learn a simple technique to assess your clients’ AquaStretch™ treatment needs prior to getting them in the pool for their treatment.
5) Discover intuitive skills to enhance knowledge in myofascial meridians that may be affected by chronic issues, and explore the interrelation in other holistic techniques that will enhance your AquaStretch™ treatment.

FACULTY: Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC, has dedicated her life to aquatics for more than 25 years, and currently works with aging adults and persons with disabilities. She was an Arthritis Foundation Trainer for over 20 years, a consultant at Ability360, and an AquaStretch™ Facilitator/Trainer. She was the recipient of the 2016 ATRI Aquatic Therapy Professional Award, the 2012 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award, and the 2013 Arthritis Foundation Regional Public Service Award-University of Pittsburgh Community Service Award. She continues her studies in Energy Medicine, and is a Reiki Master/Trainer. Beyond her active practice, she offers intuitive guidance and wellness coaching.