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2654 – Myofascial Application for Mobility and Recovery

Intermediate / Half-Day Workshop
San Diego, CA / Sunday, October 24, 2021 – 12:00-3:30 pm / 3.5 credit hours
(Classroom: 12:00-1:45 pm / Indoor Pool: 1:45-3:30 pm)

Faculty: Julia Meno, CTRS, CMT, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Myofascial Application for Mobility and Recovery is designed to promote awareness, understanding, and treatment of the human myofascial system using the unique properties of the aquatic environment. The instruction is a progressive hands-on approach both on land and in the pool.  You will learn specific aquatic techniques to observe, feel, and mobilize restricted tissues to aide clients in recovery. Clients respond with greater flexibility, strength and coordinated movements, with less pain!  These aquatic techniques are both affective and dynamic, at times profoundly influencing the clients awareness of self and movement. Myofascial aquatic application increases circulation and releases restrictive adhesions to enhance tissue elasticity and joint mobility. Explore a new look at how aquatic therapy can communicate sensory-based movements in our bodies. 

1) Gain an introduction to myofascial release application in aquatic therapy and fitness.
2) Examine myofascial aquatic protocols.
3) Practice hands-on instruction in a warm water pool to learn and practice direct and indirect myofascial techniques specifically adapted for use in aquatic therapy.
4) Recognize weakened joint stabilizers and how to improve muscle balance through the practice of aquatic myofascial mobilization techniques.
5) Explore “direct” myofascial applications of turbulence, vibration, aquatic elongation and stretch techniques, compression, grasp, water percussion, buoyancy-assisted and resisted mobilizations.
6) Perform a hands-on aquatic trigger point release using principles of active positional release and strain counter-strain.

FACULTY: Julia Meno, CTRS, CMT, ATRIC, is the founder/owner of Therapeutic Aquatics, Inc. and provides individual Myofascial Aquatic Body Work, AquaStretch™ and adaptive aquatic classes. She is the author and publisher of The Bad Ragaz Ring Method Visual Instructional Manual and Video; and co-producer of the PNF in The Pool and Myofascial Aquatic Body Work DVDs. She received the 2014 Aquatic Therapy Professional Award and the 2002 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.